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Calvin Klein Eyewear

Company History
Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein Inc. is one of the most recognised designer names of today. It has become a household name that everyone wants and adores. Whether it’s the sensual adverts of the Calvin Klein underwear range or the provocative poses of every Calvin Klein Jeans commercial, this brand sure knows how to spark a reaction.

The brand’s identity is very sensual but sophisticated, modern and minimalistic. This identity is also consistent with the company’s range of prescription spectacles and luxury sunglasses. There are three labels under the Calvin Klein brand that offers eyewear to its consumers; Calvin Klein Collection, CK Calvin Klein, and Calvin Klein Jeans.

Calvin Klein Collection
This eyewear collection offers the most sophisticated and timeless designs out of the three lines. Men and women who want to invest in luxurious-looking frames and spectacles will feel very at home with this collection. The eyewear collection adopts a minimalist design approach to really emphasize the eyewear’s sophistication and elegance. Classic and timeless frame shapes like rectangle and oval styles will be most common in this collection.

CK Calvin Klein
This label is most recognised for its trademark CK logo. CK Calvin Klein eyewear offers a more contemporary and modern personality than the collection above. Focusing on the lifestyle of individuals, this eyewear range promises to offer its consumers eyewear that is practical for comfort and durability but still beautiful enough to make a statement. This eyewear collection is well priced within today’s eyewear industry making it an affordable luxury investment and value for money.

Calvin Klein Jeans
This label is known for its provocative commercials and the eyewear collection is no different at grabbing people’s attention. The Calvin Klein Jeans eyewear collection is more sexy, urban and edgy out of the three eyewear labels. The raw, natural and edgy appeal of the glasses will appeal most to people who are looking for lifestyle glasses or sunglasses that they can experiment with. Whether they plan to dress up or dress down their frames, the unique styling of this collection allows the consumers to have fun with their eyewear.